Mark Fox, the new chief executive of the Business Services Association, has set out his plans for raising the profile of the BSA and the business services sector to reflects its size and importance in the national economy.

In a statement to BSA members, Fox declared that "Business and outsourcing services are major drivers of the UK and wider European economy. The dynamism and innovation of the industry plays an important part in driving the UK’s economy, helping to keep it competitive and flexible. The industry is also a major employer – with BSA members alone accounting for over 600,000 employees."

His priorities at the BSA will include:
- Championing the important contribution made by the industry to the provision of services in the public and private sectors.
- Promoting and explaining the innovative role the industry plays in driving the UK economy forward through the publication of authoritative research, case studies, polling and other data.
- Listening to the membership and the industry to ensure the work of the BSA reflects the priorities of the businesses it serves.

Commenting on the Queen's Speech this week (6th November 2007), Fox said: “The Government needs to maintain its commitment to the principle of outsourcing and continue to recognize the vital role the industry plays in delivering services across the private and public sectors. We need to continue working to ensure that levels of taxation and regulation do not damage this successful and vibrant industry. The industry is a major driver of the economy - improving productivity, increasing standards and driving innovation - and we welcome the Government’s initiatives in the areas of skills and training.”

Fox gave an interview to PFM magazine on his first day in the job (1 November 2007) stating, "Both Gordon Brown and David Cameron spoke about outsourcing at the party conferences speeches so this issue is ‘front and centre’. The need to get a coherent and articulate voice to politicians and journalists here and in Brussels is acute. This is what the BSA is the business of providing."

This article was first published on 1st November 2007 on the PFM website: