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How Starmer and Sunak conduct themselves over the next few hours matters for us all

  • 4 Jul 2024

Election campaigns tend to be scrappy affairs. How could it be anything other as people try to push and shove their policies and values into our consciousness, seek to persuade us to vote for them and fight for political power? At their best, election campaigns can see the bat...

Rishi Sunak is right to have called the General Election

  • 23 May 2024

In a bold move on the afternoon of Wednesday 22 May 2024 the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, walked through the front door of Number 10 into Downing Street in the middle of a summer downpour to announce that he had asked the King to dissolve Parliament and that an election for a ...

For Keir Starmer and Labour it’s now or never

  • 28 Sep 2022

Keir Starmer walked to the podium at the Labour Party conference on Tuesday with a stonking seventeen point polling lead in his back pocket, banks withdrawing new mortgage deals because of a lack of confidence in the government, and a rolling Sterling crisis. Not since 1979 ha...