Articles tagged King Charles III:

The Coronation

  • 4 May 2023

What a spectacle it was when I went up to the Mall last Wednesday at 3am, with a surprisingly large number of other people, to watch the Full Dress Rehearsal for the Coronation Parade. Seven thousand men and women from the Armed Forces all looking absolutely immaculate. Perhap...

Liz Truss is facing the most challenging set of circumstances in half a century

  • 20 Sep 2022

The Queen’s death marked the end of an era in British history and for the last eleven days we have come together to mourn her passing and express gratitude for her reign. In Edinburgh and in London, tens of thousands came in person to pay a personal tribute. Many more lined th...

The monarchy has worked hard to retain popular support and survive

  • 11 Sep 2022

“In the midst of life we are in death…” goes a familiar phrase from the Church of England’s Book of Common Prayer. There can be many ways of thinking about its meaning but we are currently living through and witnessing at least one fundamental element of its truth. As we mourn...