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Review: Stop Bloody Bossing Me About: How We Need To Stop Being Told What To Do by Quentin Letts

  • 14 May 2021

The words Quentin and Letts strike terror equally into the hearts of Parliamentary performers and members of the theatrical community. In his reviews of political performances and sketches of West End productions, this keen observer of those foolish enough to push themselves c...

MPs need to settle down and put their support behind the government

  • 30 Nov 2020

Eighty years ago, From the 7 September 1940 to 11 May 1941, London and several other major British cities were subjected to intense bombing. The bombing was specifically targeted at civilians and it came to be known as The Blitz. In the nearly six years of the war this period ...

Crexit: only Boris can lead Britain out of the virus lockdown

  • 18 Apr 2020

Dominic Raab, and the medical boffins who accompanied him, came to the No 10 podium to deliver a sombre message. Three more weeks of confinement were necessary, he said, and would not give any hint of rule relaxation to come.  The boffins nodded sagely beside him. Our focus...