The Bishop of London did Mrs T proud. The nation owes him a debt of gratitude.

  • 17 Apr 2013

After all the debate, hype and controversy it has fallen to the Bishop of London to pull together the life of Mrs T and to bring out the human being that has been obscured by the –ism, the mythmakers and the critics. In a magnificent sermon at St Paul’s Cathedral, Richard C...

Yes, we must move on from Margaret Thatcher. But here’s why she deserves the funeral she’s getting.

  • 16 Apr 2013

Tomorrow, Mrs T goes to her rest. Those that chose to will mark the occasion with respect. The state will provide as much formality as any commoner could wish for. The Bishop of London has the unenviable task of bringing focus and unity to a unique occasion in his sermon. T...

You can’t understand Thatcher without understanding her Christian faith

  • 11 Apr 2013

In all the comment, tributes and criticism that has poured forth since the announcement of Margaret Thatcher’s death on Monday surprisingly little has touched on her personal Christian faith. In the two excellent speeches by David Cameron and Ed Milliband in Parliament it was ...

Island Churches - St. Blasius Church

  • 1 Apr 2013

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Who is going to give us the leadership we deserve?

  • 14 Feb 2013

For some time now, it has been apparent Britain is going through a profound crisis of confidence in its institutions, its leaders, and in its place in the world. There doesn’t seem to be anyone around in public life at the moment who has the vision or wisdom to offer us a way ...

Island Churches - St. Agnes Church

  • 1 Feb 2013

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Island churches - St. Olave’s Church, Gatcombe

  • 1 Dec 2012

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Island Churches - St James church

  • 1 Oct 2012

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Island Life - All Saints' Church

  • 1 Aug 2012

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A coherent and compelling analysis of what caused the crash

  • 6 Sep 2011

Mark Fox reviews the new book by Tory MPs Matthew Hancock and Nadhim Zahawi, Masters of Nothing: How The Crash Will Happen Again Unless We Understand Human Nature. Much of the attention on this book has been focused on one of its authors' connection to the current Chancello...